The Launch Online –

– The business is owned by a B.C. resident or residents;
– The business’s sole or primary operations are located in B.C.

– looks like will be limited to 1,200 participants
– but looks like up to $7,500 of funding to assist with transitioning
to online business

The Business:
– Is currently operating;
– Is registered in B.C.;
– Employs less than 149 B.C. residents;
– Pays taxes in B.C.

Maintains a
– Business license number
– GST number
– PST and WorkSafeBC number (where applicable)
– Generated sales of more than $30,000 in the past year (in 2019,
or in the year preceding the application)
– Has repeatable products, or in the case of artists and jewellers,
individual items that have slight differences (i.e. paintings or

Does not currently have an online store or has an online store that has no more than three of the five identified online store features
– Customer registration and information security features
– Shopping cart and order management capabilities
– Payment processing options including application of appropriate
taxes and shipping costs at time of ordering
– Product catalogue, search and inventory status
– Website analytics and reporting capabilities

**information provided by one of the accounting firms I work with.

Thank you Gregory, Yick & Associates – Chartered Professional Accountants for helping me keep my clients updated!